#8829 – Billy Boot

#8829 – Billy Boot

  • Leder: Black Klondike
  • Innen: Lederbrandsohle
  • Sohle: Cushion Crepe Wedge
  • Konstruktion: Rahmengenäht
    Made in the USA!
    Neubesohlung bei uns im Red Wing Store Frankfurt

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The Billy Boot is a trip down memory lane and takes us back to 1925.
Here the Red Wing Shoe Company introduced the “Billy Boot” named after the son of the owner “Billy Sweasy” (The Company is still owned by the Sweasy family)
The Billy Boot was designed for boys and was delivered with a “Jack Knife” and a knife pocket on the side.  This extra feature got a lot of attention and was very popular in these days.

It was so popular that many boot company’s copied the knife pocket and added this to their boy’s boots as well.
Red Wing Heritage re-built the Billy Boots for the #8829 exclusive and added the knife pocket as well on one of their icons the 8 inch 875.

Made in the Klondike leather that will age beautiful over time when the brown under color becomes visible after wear.